11 Dec 2017


Indian hospitals are shaping heart care treatment and are providing best in class treatment to international health patient. Get finest treatment for heart-related disorders such as heart failure, congenital heart defects, coronary artery disorders, and valvular heart diseases.

World-class health centers

Overseas patients have been flocking to Indian shores for effective and cost-efficient treatment for their heart conditions. World-class health centers, latest medical facilities, advanced technologies, and the availability of the best heart specialist in Delhi are just a few of the reasons that have enabled the rise of India as a preferred medical tourism destination for cardiovascular treatments.

Latest procedures

From preventive cardiology services, to surgical treatments like open heart surgery, robotic cardiology surgery, angioplasty and various other procedures that include rotablation, artery stenting, intravascular ultrasound, balloon valvuloplasty, etc., Indian health care groups are fully equipped to conduct the latest procedures with the help of the latest technology.

Comprehensive treatment

Like every other medical condition, the treatment of cardiovascular disorders calls for a holistic approach. It is imperative that the disorder is correctly diagnosed and properly managed by specialists. India as a heath destination offers the right climate and the requisite resources for the management of the disease leading to the successful healing of the patient.

Treatment in India made easy

With all the benefits of getting treated in the country discussed above, a heart surgery in India should be the top choice for patients seeking the best healthcare at reasonable costs. As a leading health tourism company, Medicountry’s role starts with finding you the best heart specialist in Delhi.  They arrange the best treatment for overseas patients as well as patients residing in India by getting you in touch with the best cardiologist in India.

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