11 Dec 2017


Patients seeking affordable, high-quality and specialized treatment for obesity and other weight related problems will have all their expectations met with a Bariatric Surgery in India. One of the most preferred destinations for medical tourism in the world, India is not only home to the finest Bariatric surgeons; it also harbours some of the best hospitals for bariatric surgery that cater to the special needs of bariatric patients from around the world.

State-of-the-art technologies

These centers of excellence are equipped with special bariatric departments that have been designed keeping in mind the special needs of bariatric patients. With optimal infrastructure as well as the latest facilities such as integrated laparoscopic systems and state-of-the-art operating theaters, the bariatric surgery centers in India are able to offer a comprehensive treatment to the patients.

Multi-disciplinary treatment

Bariatric surgery calls for a multi-disciplinary approach to successfully treat the patient’s weight problems and keep other accompanying medical conditions in check. A bariatric surgery in India at the best hospitals guarantees a holistic approach towards treatment for effective healing of the patient.

Whether it is a fat or weight loss surgery you have in mind, or a body contouring treatment you have been eyeing, Medicountry’s assistance will lead you on the right path of treatment in India. We get you in touch with the finest specialists and the leading health centers for a customized treatment.

Why Choose Medicountry?

At Medicountry, one of the preferred medical tourism partners for patients from countries like Europe, Middle East, Afganisthan, CIS countries and Africa, we ensure that the best advice is provided from at least two specialist hospitals and help patients make an informed decision before travelling to India. That’s not all; Medicountry’s pre and on-arrival services are designed to ease the journey through to effective healing.

If you have any questions in mind and looking for a second opinion, please fill in the following form and we can arrange a call back to undertsand the nature of your needs and respond back with timely, best and affordable treatments.

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